My name is Eileen, and I am a design strategist and user researcher living in Los Angeles.

I am passionate about designing experiences that enhance lives. Good design respects users' time and understands their bigger picture.

A digital experience should give people what they want, then get them back to the rest of the world.

My background in design, business and anthropology has given me the skills to develop successful products users love.

Design processes ensure that the right questions are asked, so you don't end up building a Segway to solve a lack of public transportation. 

Business experience helps keep all stakeholders in mind throughout development, so you don't build a brilliant app that doesn't result in acquisitions or conversions.

Anthropology research provides clues about what people really want, so you know to build an automobile when they're asking for a faster horse.

When not geeking out on tech design...

You can find me climbing up rocks, rappelling down canyons, backpacking the Sierras, or falling off waves in Venice.

Let's talk!

Want to talk design strategy? Contact me at eileenbeall@gmail.com

"We don't wanna click twice."

"Who clicks - I don't even want it now, I don't even want it. I don't.
I don't want it that bad."

- Seinfeld